Kriste Michelini Owner + Founder

Kriste’s unique vision, and her passion for creating spaces that are inviting and inspiring, provide the foundation for both the interior design studio and KM Home. Her warm and timeless approach to design is informed by her affinity for modern interior design, blended with her knowledge of both classic and contemporary architecture. As the head of the studio, she inspires her team every day with her integrated design aesthetic, her well-honed project management skills and her transparent and supportive approach to the business of design.

Prior to establishing the studio in 2002, Kriste spent over ten years in the software industry and in commercial real estate, developing the business expertise and management skills that distinguish her studio within the world of luxury interior design.. Her disciplined approach to design, which features a keen understanding of timelines, deliverables and budgets, has been a benchmark of the studio’s success. Her skilled approach, which gives equal weight to process, function and beauty, is also distinguished by the joy and comfort she brings to her team and clients.

A natural leader, Kriste has built a studio in which a mosaic of talents can truly shine, and the art of listening has been honed to an art form. A believer in setting goals, being content and enjoying the journey, she inspires creative confidence in both her team and her clients. By building a practice based upon communication, collaboration, transparency and kindness, she has created the foundation for successful, long-term relationships with consultants and clients alike.

A wife and mother of three, Kriste is a graduate of UCLA and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Jackie McGonigle-Project Manager-Kriste Michelini Interiors
Jackie McGonigle
Linda Biles-Design Stylist-Kriste Michelini Interiors
Linda Biles
Misa Tribulova-Design Shop Associate-Kriste Michelini Interiors
Misa Tribulova
Anita Geary-Director of Business Development-Kriste Michelini Interiors
Anita Geary
Christine Vranesh-Studio Assistant-Kriste Michelini Interiors
Christine Vranesh

Jackie McGonigle
Project Manager

Jackie met Kriste in a moment that she describes as “pure serendipity.” With 25 years of experience in the world of fashion, Jackie brings to the studio a strong project management skill set. She manages all of the studio’s installations, deftly navigating a myriad of moving parts and complex schedules. Describing the studio as “a group of friends who are fortunate enough to work together,” she is equally Inspired by the process of design and by the studio’s energetic vibe.

Linda Biles
Design Stylist

Linda’s empathy and ability to work well with others are her superpowers, and she strives to treat everyone with an equal dose of kindness. Raised in a large family, and the mother of four children herself, Linda’s innate equanimity enables her to work smoothly with team members, consultants and clients alike. She coordinates all purchasing for the shoppe and works with the design team to style project installations and photo shoots, seamlessly weaving together the design ethos of the shoppe and studio.

Misa Tribulova
Design Shop Associate

Hard-working and hands-on, Misa is the point person for whatever is needed in the shop or studio. Organizing is her strength. She helps to style the shop, creates centerpieces and other seasonal offerings, and assists during project installations with accessories styling and the special touches that make the projects feel like home. Misa’s favorite moments are when she walks in the door and sees her talented coworkers, and she loves the opportunity to learn something new from them every day.

Anita Geary
Director of Business Development

As director of business development and events, Anita plays a vital role at KMI focusing on building relationships with industry partners and bringing exposure to KMI through community engagement. Her dedication to collaboration with charitable organizations allows us to give back while also increasing awareness of our firm’s services. Hosting engaging events at the studio further enhances exposure to our interior design offerings.

Christine Vranesh
Studio Assistant

A Bay Area native, Christine joined the studio in 2022 as a studio assistant. A strong believer in elevating others and allowing them to do their best work, Christine is hands-on and detail-oriented, helping to keep projects flowing smoothly. She also plays a key role in customer service and communications, elevating the experience for clients to make sure they feel valued and well-cared-for. “Our trust in the process and in each other allows everyone to be their best selves, and good work follows naturally.”