We specialize in full-scale design projects, overseeing all phases of the design process, from initial concept and space planning through to installation, and beyond.


We elevate listening to an artform. Our process begins with a series of discovery sessions that form the foundation for the design vision, providing us with vital information about scale and budget, as well as our clients’ dreams and aspirations. The result is a sense of shared understanding and trust that makes each project successful.


We get to know our clients on a deep level. Every project starts in earnest with an on-site kick-off – an exciting event for the whole team. We take a deep dive into our clients wants and needs, lifestyle, aesthetic preferences and dreams for their home. Mindful of our client’s time, we schedule a single trade day, in which we establish all trade relationships across the project.


We embark on the design with a shared vision and budget. We evaluate movement through space to create plans and establish furniture layouts., and develop design boards so our clients can touch and feel the materials. We provide a range of options at different budget levels, empowering our clients with a variety of choices. We encourage them to take it all home, so they can live with the options and feel confident in their selections.


Thorough and organized, we make sure there are no surprises down the road. We develop proposals for every element in every room, giving our clients the opportunity to review and approve each component. Every piece is ordered and tracked, and custom furnishings are designed and commissioned. In a highly transparent process, we review and assess bids from contractors, based upon our thorough technical drawings.


We make sure our clients feel comfortable and confident in the process. During construction, we schedule regular site visits to monitor progress – standing meetings that provide a predictable pattern, and regular opportunity for feedback and adjustments. We provide our clients with weekly Friday updates, which include detailed estimates for the arrival of every item. We receive, inspect, approve and store each product until it is time to install.


This is when the magic happens! We install all furnishings, and style every room based on the insights we’ve gained throughout the design process – books our clients would like to have on their shelves, accessories they would enjoy, flowers they love – so they feel heard and cared for. The process culminates when we reveal the project to our clients – a moment that is truly magical.


We pride ourselves on concierge level service. When the project is complete, we leave our clients with a thorough “Care Binder” with instructions for the care and maintenance of every element installed in their home. We build lasting relationships with our clients, we attend to the details, and we are their partners before, during and after their project is completed.