Kriste Michelini Interiors updated this family home in Danville, CA to create a sophisticated and lovely space that serves the needs of a young family. The goal is to create a cohesive, classic, and fresh design over time, as the home is being designed in stages. A gallery of family photos enhances the aesthetic of the living room and adds a personal touch to the home. The upholstered velvet coffee table in slate blue with sunny yellow pillows and throws provides nice contrast. The outdated dining room was transformed into one that reflects the client’s evolving, sophisticated taste. Beautiful Sara Paloma Pottery and Amy Kaufman’s modern brushstroke art, in creamy yellow, adds cheerfulness to the space. The entryway and front porch set the tone for the home with a welcoming porch swing with navy and white accessories. It is truly a captivating and beautiful home for a beautiful family. This project was photographed by Thomas Kuoh.

Camino Encanto