From my perspective as a general contractor, I have found working with Kriste to be a very enjoyable experience. The qualities of a designer that are most important to me are: good communication skills, receptiveness to input from the contractor’s point of view, solid connection with the client, timely decisions, and lack of ego when asked to consider a design change or an alternate construction detail. Kriste excels in all these areas.

Mark Barnes
Aston Barnes Inc.
General Contractors

Testimonials - Kriste Michelini Interiors, Aston Barnes Inc. General Contractors

I appreciate Kriste’s broad range of style and her ability to attune her talents to her clients’ needs. I am not what you call a “traditionalist,” preferring a more modern aesthetic decor. Yet, Kriste approached my project with the same enthusiasm and ingenuity as I’ve witnessed in other projects, helping me integrate sleek modern lines with a sense of warmth and comfort to create an atmosphere my whole family could enjoy.

Esther Arnold, Oakland

Testimonials - Kriste Michelini Interiors, Esther Arnold, Oakland, California

After seeing great work Kristi achieved with a previous client, Doug McQuillan AIA sought Kriste for a Residential project. “Designing a contemporary interior space well is not easy,” says Doug. “But Kriste’s interiors are a good balance of color and texture. Kriste was always well prepared and communicated well with the owners and builder.”

Doug McQuillan

Testimonials - Kriste Michelini Interiors, Doug McQuillan Residential Project

Kriste took the time to understand who we are and found fresh, interesting ways to express our tastes through design. She demonstrated outstanding artistic judgment and wove together form, color, fabric, and layout in welcoming, delightful ways. She consistently offered us a wide range of options and cultivated open discussion and feedback about alternatives. Her entire team is very responsive and helpful; we never encountered any problems with billing, logistics, or project management. Kriste is a tremendously talented designer with impeccable taste and artistry.

Lillian and Tom Oliveri, Los Altos Hills

Testimonials - Kriste Michelini Interiors, Lillian and Tom Oliveri, Los Altos Hills, California

After Kriste and her team were recommended by a colleague, choosing Kriste as an Interior Designer for our new office space was a no-brainer. Throughout the design process, Kriste and her team were very open to collaboration and together we were able to create a work environment that was not only functional but a symbol of our brand and culture. With Kriste’s lead, we were fortunate enough to be able to integrate designs from many of our partners including Knoll, Herman Miller, Cerno, Luceplan, Elemental Living and Blu Dot. But without a doubt the signature piece brought in by Kriste is the Bocci Series 14.14.

Sean Callahan, YLighting

Testimonials - Kriste Michelini Interiors, Sean Callahan, YLighting

We were lucky enough to discover Kriste Michelini through an online search for an Interior Designer in San Francisco. For our residence, we were looking to incorporate many design elements into a cohesive theme which Kriste and her team achieved for us no problem. Out of the many beautiful pieces Kriste installed into our space, our favorite is the beautiful chandelier hanging in the Dining Room that serves as a great conversation piece while we entertain guests.

Paul and Eileen Unruh

Testimonials - Kriste Michelini Interiors, Paul and Eileen Unruh Residential Project

Working with Kriste has been an exceptional experience. Kriste is a great listener; she really understands what our needs are and is able to combine form and function with tremendous creative abilities. She has transformed our house into a home, creating a place of comfort and beauty for my family. Even my husband loves it!

Ann Stevens, Atherton

Testimonials - Kriste Michelini Interiors, Ann Stevens, Atherton Residential Project