Where I’m Finding Inspiration OFF Social Media

As we enter another week tucked inside our homes, I’ve found myself itching for some fresh sources of inspiration. While I’m incredibly grateful for the safety of my current work-from-home setup, each day can also begin to feel a little… redundant. Seems like we’re spending more time than ever behind our phones and devices, but quite honestly, too much social media scrolling leaves me a little worn out. I am trying to focus more on time with my kids, being outside in the garden, and in search of new inspiration.


These days, I’ve been working to seek out new design influences, even in some slightly unconventional ways. From daily nature experiences to virtual museum tours, I’m sharing my favorite ways to kickstart creativity, all from a safe social distance.




It may feel a bit counterintuitive, but some of the best inspiration for home design actually falls outside the world of interiors. Of course, shelter magazines, Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts have their rightful place, but I also love paying attention to movements in fashion, food, art, travel and even literature to help inform my creative work. If you’re not sure where to start, try diving into a new book, podcast, documentary or show that centers on one of these subjects. Some of my favorites, like the series Salt, Fat, Acid, and Heat, combine food and travel scenes for the best of both worlds. You never know — something unexpected might bring your best design idea yet.





Inspiration takes many forms, and sometimes that requires thinking outside the box. While this pandemic is currently keeping most of us at home, I’ve been so excited to see how many world-class galleries and museums are opening their virtual doors to the public. From the MoMA and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence to The Art Institute of Chicago, and my personal favorite, the Louvre Museum in Paris, there are endless ways to get your fine art fix. I recommend a Saturday morning spent museum hopping from your sofa, preferably with a croissant and café au lait in hand. 


my personal favorite, the d’Orsay for the impressionists and furniture galleries via





In a total non-shocker, the importance of spending time outdoors suddenly feels more relevant than ever. Whether it looks like a simple walk around the neighborhood, a hike with your whole family, or a picnic in your backyard, there’s something about the way nature engages our senses that feels like the ultimate creative refresh. 


Currently, my favorite way to spend a spring evening involves relaxing in the backyard while tending to my garden. It’s become my happy place and total safe haven. The extra time I’ve had at home has really let the garden shine. I’ve recently added an array of fresh herbs to my potted plant lineup and have so much more in the works. No matter how exploring the outdoors looks in the weeks to come, this period at home has reminded me that time in nature can soothe a designer’s soul.


I LOVE this free-mini course on creating your own cutting garden. We’ve built raised beds at varying heights throughout our yard to break up the space, add some hardscaping and have a constant stream of fresh blooms. It’s truly been such a blessing this spring.









I know we’re not all hopping on a plane at this moment, but that doesn’t mean travel can’t still influence our design. We all have hundreds (if not thousands) of images from past travel experiences waiting to be properly organized, and this quarantine scenario is the perfect opportunity. As you revisit photos from your favorite past trips, take note of the color palettes, the textures, the lighting and the landscapes to help spark your creative instincts. 


Along with relishing in your personal travel memories, spend some time planning out your next big trip. We don’t know exactly when the world will be safe enough for travel, but dreaming up our future adventures can help us all stay inspired in the meantime.