If there’s one space that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves in home design, it’s entryways. While some might consider these in-between spaces an afterthought, I kindly beg to differ. Entryways serve as the first impression of your home, welcoming loved ones through your door on a daily basis. 


Thanks to years of design work, I’ve developed a method for curating a great entryway space. More than anything, it needs to balance form and function, and when done properly, it can save you from unnecessary clutter trickling through the entire house. Not to mention saving hours of searching for those lost keys.⁣


Read on for my perfect entryway formula, which is a fail proof solution for design enthusiasts and beginners alike.


Tips for Perfect Entryway Styling from Kriste Michelini

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Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about the starting point of any entryway — the console table. Long and narrow in shape, console tables fit beautifully on nearly any entryway wall, delivering maximum function with a minimal footprint. Keep an eye out for console tables with built-in storage features like drawers to hide away unsightly knick-knacks. Or, consider sourcing a console table with space below to tuck baskets holding shoes, backpacks, or whatever clutter comes your way.


If space allows, think about adding a bench or stool to your entryway setup. These functional pieces not only bring more dimension to the scene but give you a convenient spot to slip shoes on and off with ease.


FAVORITE CONSOLES: one, two, three, four, five

FAVORITE STOOLS + BENCHES: one, two, three, four


Tips for Perfect Entryway Styling from Kriste Michelini

Design by Tamara Magel



Once you’ve sourced your foundational pieces and pinpointed your entryway style, it’s time to tackle the next layer of design. As a large accessory must-have, my entryway formula always includes a mirror for that final “look” before heading out the door. Round mirrors are my usual go-to, and I always make sure to select a piece that’s large enough to balance out the wall space. 


Along with a mirror, a great entryway should always include a large, statement lamp. Remember, this is your home’s big first impression, so opt for a stunning lighting element to ensure a warm welcome. 


Favorite Round Mirrors: One, Two, Three, Four


Tips for Perfect Entryway Styling from Kriste Michelini

Design by Alyssa Kapito and Vivian Muller




The small accessories are where form truly meets function within an entryway. These pieces include everything from trays and bowls to quickly corral keys, to decorative boxes for storing sunglasses and wallets. No matter which accessories you incorporate, you’ll be so glad to have a designated spot for those everyday items. 


Favorite Boxes + Trays: One, Two, Three, Four, Five


Tips for Perfect Entryway Styling from Kriste Michelini
Design by Kriste Michelini




As the final component to your entryway, styling is about tying the whole look together seamlessly. The goal is to create visual interest with stacked books, natural beads, beautiful vases, found objects, and more. I also love adding fresh branches for an element of height and texture. Throughout the styling process, don’t be afraid to play around with multiple looks until you get your entry scene just right. 


Tips for Perfect Entryway Styling from Kriste Michelini
As seen in Nina Freudenberger’s book Surf Shack


Perfect entryway styling by Kriste Michelini

Design by Kriste Michelini