The Curated Guide to Coffee Table Books

Recently, we rounded up our favorite tricks for styling a bed. As an anchor to any living room space, I firmly believe in the importance of a well-styled coffee table. Whether it features items new or collect4d, coffee tables are an opportunity to showcase elements that tie a space together. Coffee table books are an essential to the styling equation.


San Francisco Bay Area interior designer Kriste Michelini's Curated Guide to Coffee Table Books

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However, selecting coffee table books isn’t just about aesthetics, but also about curating your personal tastes. For each of our clients, we carefully craft a personalized collection based on their hobbies, interests and travels. Through our extensive design questionnaire, we’re able to curate a personalized library of beautiful coffee table books. 


The perfect finishing touch to any space, we are always adding to our collection of beautiful coffee table books. If you’re in the market for some new selections, we’ve curated 12 visually stunning coffee table books to display and reference for many years to come. 


The Best Coffee Table Books


Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style


To begin, I’m convinced this gorgeous, neutral-toned coffee table book deserves a place on nearly any coffee table. Packed with a wealth of visual inspiration, Architectural Digest at 100 offers glimpses inside the homes of the most celebrated designers, architects, and celebrities in history. 


Travel Home: Design with a Global Spirit


Another go-to for the world traveler who longs to bring a sense of global spirit to their everyday environment, Travel Home is a coffee table must.  


Feeling Home: Virginie and Nathalie Droulers


If your style is best defined as timeless, consider Feeling Home your guide to elegant decorating with a decidedly Italian flair. 


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This is Home: The Art of Simple Living


If your design philosophy revolves around simplicity, this book is an excellent how-to. Featuring eight case studies and plenty of practical tips, This is Home is a book you’ll find yourself referencing time and time again.


A Tree in the House


Not only is this book beautiful from cover to cover, but it offers an array of ideas for adding natural flower arrangements to your home. 


Victoria Hagan: Interior Portraits


Hailed as one of the most influential interior designers in America, every design enthusiast needs a Victoria Hagan book featured on their coffee table. One look inside its pages, and you’ll be inspired to create an effortlessly elegant home of your own. 


Tom Ford


Just like the little black dress, you can be certain this classic coffee table book will never go out of style. Inside you’ll find an ode to one of the fashion industry’s greatest legends, covering his work from Gucci to Yves Saint Laurent.



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Napa: Behind the Bottle


As someone who calls Northern California home, I’d be remiss not to highlight this stunning book of Napa Valley portraits. If you consider yourself a wine lover, this beauty deserves a spot on your coffee table.


Eat Drink Nap: Bringing the House Home


From the hospitality mavens of Soho House, Eat Drink Nap is an ode to all things cooking, style, and decor.


Surf Shack: Laid Back Living By the Water


Whether you live by the water or want to infuse your space with coastal elegance, Surf Shack is the perfect go-to. Inside its pages, you’ll tour surf abodes from around the world for a visual guide to laid-back living.


Vincenzo de Cotiis


Featuring the work of Milanese architect and artist Vincenzo De Cotiis, this statement book is stunning from the inside out.


In Comfort and Style


An L.A. interior designer who’s worked with everyone from Patrick Dempsey to Jessica Biel. Estee Stanley knows exactly what it takes to perfect the look of California cool. This book looks at some of Stanley’s most iconic projects and inspires readers to take home design to the next level.


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