Minimalist Design Ideas for the Holidays

The anticipation of the holidays– with family gatherings and holiday parties –always puts me in a creative mood! I love this season. In advance of hosting and the joys of gift-giving, I get excited to set a theme and look for new design ideas for the holidays.

This year, I’m craving calm and simple. I’m looking to nature and my backyard for inspiration. A small tree in a woven basket and simple swags of garland are at the top of my list. I’m loving the fresh greenery I spotted at the nursery– especially the eucalyptus and pine. They blend together perfectly for a table runner for my dining table.

Every year I also decide on a theme for my gift-wrapping. This year is going to be kraft paper mixed with natural elements from my garden. Having a theme that ties into an overall palette helps bring order to the chaos. It feels good to be keeping things simple this season. Here are a few ideas to inspire your own beautifully simple (and hopefully) stress-free holiday.

Try a live Christmas tree that comes with the soil and roots. Keep the look simple by not adding ornaments. The tree can later be planted in the yard to enjoy for years to come.  (The Merry Thought)


Hanging garland over the windows is a perfect way to add a touch of holiday magic to the your kitchen. It helps frame this room which is a lovely mix of contemporary design and traditional furnishings. It sets a beautiful backdrop for cooking and conversation.  (


Doors, mantels, and windows are all great places to hangs wreath. I always decorate my front door with a simple, natural wreath with a beautiful ribbon. (the-unrefined-christmas-decoration-guide-myparadisso)


My gift wrapping station (in my garage) is fully stocked with kraft paper and lots of twine string. I cut sprigs of rosemary and pine from the yard to dress up the packages. The wrapped packages coordinate nicely with the natural look of the uncluttered tree. There are many different ways to incorporate your gift wrapping into your design ideas for the holidays. (Musings On Momentum -Simple Holiday Decor)


Decorating the dining room table is always great fun and a favorite tradition of mine. I’m going for a minimalist, modern design with a mix of fresh garlands down the center and white table linens.  (ebay/pinterest)