KMI Weekly!

Another busy week at the studio has come and gone and here it is the weekend already!  Lots of fun things happened the last few days at KMI.

  1.  First, I had the privilege of being asked to speak at the Baker Newstalgia Panel Discussion at the SFDC.  We talked about everything from reinterpreting design from the past, combining modern yet classic design, and whether or not we liked to follow trends or if we preferred following our own paths as designers.  It was really interesting and so fun to be in the company of other amazing, successful designers.   It was a great day and I was extremely honored to be included with Laura Martin Bovard,  Jay Jeffers, Coralie Langston-Jones and Jamie Martin.




2.  Another reason this week went so fast is that I was in NY for a few days!  The shopping there is ahhh-mazing!  I found so many great accessories for several upcoming installations we have on the calendar.





3.  And lastly, we’ve been busy pulling fabrics, wallpapers, materials for cabinets and countertops for several projects we’re working on.  Specifically, we’re finishing up the designs for a client we have in Los Altos.  Just need to fine tune details for their 3 kids’ rooms, a family room, an office and a foyer.  It’s all finally coming together!





And here is what the studio really looks like at the end of a full day of design!