Ruffles are the Rage!

I’m not usually a super ruffly kinda girl, but I have to say, I’m rather enjoying the ruffle trend that’s going on right now!  Here are some of my faves…


I actually think this is probably my favorite piece with ruffles I own as it is cute with a tank and flip flops or I sometimes dress it up with a crisper top and heels–


Pencil skirt by Veronica Beard


This is probably my second favorite ruffly piece I own.  Unfortunately, they are almost sold out of the blue and white, but they do have it in a pink at JCrew and it’s on sale now!


Striped Bell Sleeve Top by JCrew


Love this Ruffled Rafia Tote!


Isn’t this the cutest ruffled bedding for a little girl????


Great simple ruffled sleeves on this white sweater.


And even though I don’t wear much red, these would be really fun to have in the summer…


Ruffled Fringe Slides…and they’re on sale at Anthro!


Love the soft ruffles on this throw…


Kennebunk Home Sassy Throw


I think this little dress would make a great cover up…


Hattie Shift Dress


I think this suit is great cause the ruffle is simple, but adds a fun detail…


Ruffled One Shoulder Bikini Top


And that does it for me and my ruffles!