Visiting Florence over spring break, I was struck, once again, by its old-world charm.  Perched above the Ponte Vecchio at Portrait Firenze, I found my perfect home away from home.  I couldn’t get enough of this hotel’s casual vibe and classic, modern furnishings.

Owned by the Ferragamo family, the fashion world clearly had a hand in its design by Florentine architect Michele Bonan.  Light greys and creamy interiors are mixed with dark woods and black velvet furnishings.  A curated collection of modern art, and black and white vintage photography, add to the intimacy and history of the space.

It is a laid back and luxurious place with a nod to the world of of couture fashion.  I loved calling it home.  Until next time, Ciao Bella.

Photos courtesy of Portrait Firenze.





We are currently working on two young girls’ bedrooms for our client and are having so much fun sourcing accessories for them!  Makes me want to redo my own kids’ bedrooms again!  Thought we’d share some of the cool stuff we’ve found as we’ve been out and about!


Isn’t this cotton candy print adorable?


Metallic Hide Jewelry Boxes


Great velvet body pillow to lounge around on!


I think these light boxes are really fun because you can change the message as often as you would like.


This brass pencil holder can be used to hold everything…even lip gloss and nail polish!


Ottomans are perfect for extra seating in small spaces.


This was a room that we designed for a teenage girl in the Marin Decorator Showcase House in 2012!







Happy Friday Everyone!  Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine’s Day!  Lots of treats floating around the studio yesterday and I think we all blew our New Year’s Resolutions!



We just finalized a guest suite fabric palette with our clients yesterday and these are their choices…


Emma and I went to the city to do some sourcing for a project and fell in love with this gorgeous chair at Coup D’Etat…

I might never get up if I had this chair in my home!

We have a sneak peek of the kitchen design from the project we are working on.   How awesome would it be to sit and have coffee looking out these windows?!

As you can see, we’ve had a busy week around here, so we’re looking forward to the 3 day weekend ahead.  Hope you enjoy yours too!



Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Hope you are having a “lovely” day and in light of the occasion, thought I would share some fun pink decor!


All kinds of pink going on in the studio!


Love this pink door! Image via Pinterest.


A pop of pink from a pillow might be all you need to add some character to a room.


Isn’t this a great shower curtain? Image via Domino with photography by Camille Styles.


If you haven’t checked out Zara Home lately, I would definitely take the time. Not only do they have a ton of pink decor, but some other really hip unique finds.


Love this pink quartz side table at Anthro!


Oh my word…Carli made the most amazing springy lemony dessert for the office yesterday.  She created these mini-lemon trifles in mason jars to celebrate Emma’s birthday and I could have eaten 3 of them as they were so delicious!  She used fresh meyer lemons and they were the perfect cool treat on a warm afternoon.



She combined several different recipes to perfect these adorable little jars and added a few twists of her own.  Thought I’d share the steps with you in case you’d like to try them too!


Each layer is a different recipe…

  1.  For the candied meyer lemon which she placed on the very top, she used  She used the remaining simple syrup from the lemon peels mixed with the juice of one lemon to brush over the cake rounds when building the trifle.
  2. Layer 1:  Lemon Cake–she used  But she omitted the lemon zest.
  3. Layer 2:  Lemon Curd–she used
  4. Layer 3:  Whipped Cream–she used  Instead of 2 tsp of vanilla extract, she used 1.5 vanilla and .5 lemon extract.
  5. Layer 4:  She sprinkled fresh blueberries on top of the whipping cream.

I know it looks like a lot of steps and they are definitely time consuming, but they were so good that I wish I would’ve grabbed an extra one to take home with me!!!  They would be a great Easter dessert too!  Thanks Carli!




Noticing a lot of matte black making a comeback in design.  Last year we saw a ton of satin brass, but take a look…matte black is in!


Image via PInterest saved from Bathroom


Image via Pinterest by Studio McGee


Image via Pinterest by Apartment Therapy Article. Image credit Dwell.


How cool is this matte black flatware by Vera Wang?


Image via I think this is such a great way to incorporate matte black. Simple light fixture that makes a big statement.


Ever thought of matte black in your home?  Rule of thumb says you should have something black in every room, so give the matte version a try!


Everyone is slowly but surely back to work at the studio after recovering from the flu this week!  We’ve wiped down and sanitized everything in there!  And now I’m on a health kick.  Have you ever heard of Kayla Itsines?  She is a personal trainer that created an app called Sweat.  She takes you step by step through different circuit trainings that you can do at home or at the gym.  Marcie and I both signed up to do it and I thought I was going to die on the push ups yesterday!  We’re going to hold each other accountable as does the app…it tracks how many sessions you do and for how many minutes, so there’s no cheating!  If you don’t love going to the gym and want a workout that you can do at home, I would highly recommend Sweat!

Image via Instagram.


Thrilled to be included in Expertise’s Top Interior Designer’s List of 2018!


Click here to read the full article. Thank you, Expertise!


We are spending much of our time working on a project in Orinda with the esteemed Swatt Miers architects.  We worked on hard finishes for the kitchen this week and it is going to be amazing!  We will definitely share images as the project progresses as it is starting from ground up!

Here is a little taste of some of their incredible work!


Found a ton of great Valentine’s Day inspiration on Pinterest this week!!  Be sure to check out my Valentine’s Day Board!

Image via Pinterest!


With the start of the new year, I always like to see what the upcoming trends are going to be.  We sure are noticing fewer stainless steel and white kitchen sinks with brass, copper and stone replacing them.  I am drooling over this particular brass sink…

Image via PInterest…article by Studio McGee.


That’s all for now!  Hope you have a great weekend!



Who’s your favorite team this year?  I think I’ll be cheering for the Patriots, but my favorite part is actually watching the commercials!  Regardless of who you’re rooting for, we have rounded up some fun ideas for you if you’re hosting a tailgate or party at your house!


Such an easy cute way to serve nuts or even popcorn.
Image via PInterest.


Image via Pinterest by My Frugal Adventures. Would love to have these for a burger or hot dog bar!


Image via Etsy by Hello My Sweet. Another really easy way to decorate a simple water bottle.


I always love to use banners! Found on Etsy!


Thought this was a cute way to decorate an appetizer table. Also found on Etsy.


Here’s a fun way to incorporate all those great commercials. Image via PInterest by Style Me Pretty.


Thought these were great stirsticks! Found on Etsy.


And if you need some ideas for food to serve, you HAVE to head over to How Sweet Eats.  Some of my all time favorite recipes are from her site and she has some great ideas for Superbowl snacks!  And be sure to head over to Pinterest to see the rest of the ideas I found!



What a week this has been!  We’ve been hit…by the flu!  Fingers crossed, I’m still in the clear but my staff and some family are down for the count!  I sure have been doing my best to avoid it and am keeping cross contamination to a minimum.  Thought I’d share Dr. Oz’s tips on how you can avoid it this season.  Hope they help and none of you catch it–it’s a doozy!

We had part of an installation yesterday in our clients’ master bedroom.  How dreamy is this bedding?


I am designing my youngest son’s room and this is the inspiration photo that we are using.  We will be painting the room in Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore and will have shelves and a mini desk built in.  He actually pinned this image and I approve!



And I just purchased this Tuft and Needle mattress for him because my clients’ son loved theirs so much that I figured he would be a good “client” to try it out on!  It is cool to watch as it literally expands in front of your eyes.  Check them out…they have fabulous reviews and an amazing return policy.



Honored to be awarded “Best of Houzz 2018” in BOTH design and service.  Our portfolio includes some of the most popular images on Houzz last year and we had wonderful reviews from our clients.  Check out the link for more pics!

We love the way this office/craft room turned out.  Who wouldn’t want to work in this lovely space?


Hope you all have a great weekend and that you stay healthy!

Less than a month away till Valentine’s Day, so thought I’d throw out some fun ideas for gifts or maybe a little treat for yourself!  Tons of sweet things to be found out there right now!  Enjoy…


Burberry Heart Cashmere Scarf


PJ Salvage is one of my faves and thought these shorty pj’s were so cute! They come in pink too!


How darling are these Kiss Me Kits? I know they say New Years in the image, but they make them for Valentine’s Day as well.


BKR Heart Glass Water Bottle


Tory Burch Heart Stud Earrings


Succulent Sweetheart at Terrain


Cute stickers for Galentine’s Day!


Micro Heart Baseball Cap


Rails Taylor Heart Stripe Shirt


David Yurman Heart Bracelet


Valentine’s Day Tags


Golden Heart Napkins