Interior Inspiration from India

I love to travel – not just to get away and relax, but also to find new energy and inspiration for the interiors I design. I was lucky to travel to India recently. And I was amazed and infatuated with the color palettes, the shapes and tiles of the buildings, and the sights and sounds. There was so much to see and experience in India! Here are just a few of the scenes and people that inspired me.

Artisans and Crafts

india, weaving, rugs, crafts, artisans
Photo by Kriste Michelini

Jaipur is known around the world for incredible textiles and hand-knotted rugs. The color-blocking being created in the photo above is an art form. It was amazing to watch these men work.

jewels, beads, color, india, jaipur, travel
Photo by Kriste Michelini

Hand-made craftsmanship and art in India is stunning. The mix of materials and colors that I found in beads and jewelry like those above was dazzling.

Color and Texture

flowers, burlap, street market, india, inspiration
Photo by Kriste Michelini

The street markets in India are almost overwhelming. There is so much to see and a kaleidoscope of color, smells, sounds, and textures. The combination of natural elements was particularly inspiring, like the flowers wrapped in a natural burlap above.

vegetables, fruits, market, design, india, jaipur, inspiration
Photo by Kriste Michelini

Even in a food market there was inspiration around every corner. The colors from the buildings, the clothing, and the fruits and vegetables made an incredible palette.

Architecture and Design

blue, architecture, room, design, palace, india, inspiration
Photo by Kriste Michelini

I was blown away by the ornamental detail and architecture of this room. It would be an incredible blue in a dining room, or maybe in a showhouse.

3500 steps, architecture, design, ideas, india
Photo by Kriste Michelini

Chand Baori is a stepwell constructed of 3,500 steps. The oldest part is from the 8th century. The inspiration for me was in the geometric pattern created by all of those steps.

bar, color, texture, light, pattern, india, royal palace
Photo by Kriste Michelini

This bar near the Royal Palace showcased an incredible layered look. I loved the mix of rugs, patterns, styles, and colors.

The People and Culture

cremation ceremony, culture, people, ideas, india
Photo by Kriste Michelini

The people I met in India were also so inspiring to me. It was amazing to be able to share in their culture, like the cremation ceremony above.

people, india, color, travel, inspiring
Photo by Kriste Michelini

I may have occasionally felt like a giant, as you can see above, but the people were so warm and welcoming. And look at the gorgeous colors on those saris.

Each one of these experiences inspired me in different ways. Look for these amazing colors and patterns in my future work!