7 Must-Have Investment Pieces for Your Home

The saying “you get what you pay for” has never been more true than in home decor. But even my most high-end luxury clients have a budget for their interior projects. So it’s important to know where to splurge and where to save in home furnishings, no matter what your own budget is. Here are my top 7 investment pieces that are worth paying more for and that will stand the test of time.

Interior by Kriste Michelini. Art by Santiago Garcia.

1. The Sofa

Whether you call it a sofa or a couch, this is one of the most important furniture decisions you’ll make. Think about how often you’ll sit on the sofa – you and your family spend a lot of time there. And if you have kids and dogs, this piece definitely needs to stand up to wear and tear. So it’s important to pay for a well-constructed piece that will stand the test of time, and that you can reupholster when needed. I created a custom sectional for the living room above, covered in a gorgeous Rogers & Goffigon mohair. It is quality workmanship and the upholstery is done with care.

dining room, art, table, chair, custom
Interior by Kriste Michelini. Art from Simon Breitbard, Bottega Dining Chairs by DWR, and lamp by Kelly Wearstler.

2. Statement Art

Art is so important for a room’s design. A statement piece can set the tone, inspire the room’s palette, and showcase your personality. Original art is going to give your home a unique look, too. I advise my clients to invest in art that they love, that really speaks to them. The gorgeous paintings in the modern dining room I designed above are the stars of the space, adding splashes of color to an otherwise neutral palette. The painting on the left is “Pont de Glace,” acrylic on canvas by Karine Leger. The cloud art is by Federico Pietrella titled “Dal 5 al 14 Settembre 2018,” and both are from San Francisco gallery Simon Breitbard.

dining room table chairs interior design bay area
Interior by Kriste Michelini. See the full project here.

3. The Dining Table

The dining table is where families gather and memories are made, so it should be a special piece, too. Plan for as many seats as the room can comfortably hold, and be sure it’s as gorgeous as it is functional. After all, this is where you’ll do most of your entertaining, so it needs to set a stylish tone.

bed mattress upholstered headboard linens
Interior by Kriste Michelini. See the full project here.

4. The Bed

You spend over a third of your life sleeping, so you need to have a welcoming and comfortable bed. A mattress that fits your sleeping style is critical, but you also want a bed that’s luxurious and inviting to the eye. With an upholstered headboard, piles of pillows, and luxury bed linens, you can create an oasis that you may never want to leave.

console entry mirror table
Console table and mirror by BDDW.

5. Entry Console Table

Your entry is the initial view a visitor will have of your home and it should make a great first impression. A chic console table in your entry will allow you to showcase art and collectibles – giving a hint to your personality and the rest of your home’s decor. It’s also a perfect place for mail and your keys, so I like to have bowls or baskets on the console for storage, too.

sideboard credenza buffet dining room
Interior by Kriste Michelini.

6. The Sideboard

Stylish storage is important, especially in the dining room. A sideboard or buffet needs to have enough space to hide away dishes, serving pieces, linens, and more. It can also be used as a extra serving space during dinner parties. I like to use the surface of a sideboard for lamps, as well, which gives you more mood lighting for soirées.

Interior by Kriste Michelini. Custom Lindsey Adelman inspired chandelier.

7. Lighting

Speaking of lighting, layered light is key in a functional home. I like to provide overhead lighting, task lighting, and lamps in each room. But function isn’t the only consideration – sculptural light fixtures like the one above can make an artistic statement in modern living rooms and dining rooms. They’re well worth the investment.

These must-have items are more than utilitarian, they’re well-designed pieces that offer form and function. And they are solid, long-term investment choices for every room of your home.