Working from Home in Style

The latest research shows that 8 million people are now working from home. And even if they aren’t working there full-time, most people need a place for their computers, homework, or hobbies in their houses. Whether you have a dedicated room for your home office, or you’ve carved out a spot in another room, you want a space that fits your home’s style, and your work style.

Interior by Kriste Michelini. Desk by Kelly Wearstler and pendant by Circa Lighting

For a dedicated office, one piece that’s most important is the desk. The glass-topped desk in the room I designed above makes a statement in a subtle way and allows the bold black walls to be the star. This style of desk is on-target because it works in modern homes and also more traditional interiors. And it offers a lot of flexibility for your work day.

Catherine Kwong Design

The key to a successfully integrated home office is to be sure the design matches the rest of the house. So if your home is modern, the office should be as well. I like the design of the sleek and chic desk above, and the fact that plenty of storage is offered in the built-in cabinetry and shelves.

Cynthia Hayes Interior Design

In many houses, space is at a premium. You also may not need a dedicated home office, but really just a nook for paying bills and checking email. The desk area above fits in perfectly with the design of the room and provides a great spot to take care of family business.

Riikka Kantinkoski

On the other end of the home office spectrum is a home-based business. If you will have other employees work with you in your house, the space needs to be stylish enough to welcome clients and employees, but practical enough to support the work you need to do. Plan for plenty of seating and desks or tables, as well as great task lighting.

Alicia Design

Sometimes you need a flexible workspace that can serve as a command central for a lot of activities in the home. In the room above, there is plenty of table space and clever storage to create a hub for homework, hobbies, and at-home business. There’s something for everyone in the family.

Jessica De Ruiter

The most important part of creating a stylish place to work at home is not to make it an afterthought. You want to plan this space – whether it’s a room or a nook – as carefully as you do the rest of your interiors. Remember to include great art and accessories to add gorgeous details and to spark your creativity.

Whether you work from home full-time, or you just take care of family business every now and then, keep these ideas in mind for a chic work space of any size.