A Modern Design Collaboration

The New Year is the perfect time to reflect on what we accomplished in the last year, and to sketch out ideas and projects for the next 12 months. One plan I have for the new year is to include even more design collaborations in my projects. And in 2018, I was lucky to end the year with a media showcase for my partnership with a modern and forward-thinking company.

YDesign lobby designed by Kriste Michelini

Dwell magazine featured the office headquarters I designed for YDesign Group, parent company of YLighting and Lumens. They’re based in Walnut Creek, right outside of San Francisco. It was one of my favorite projects of 2018, and the feature gave me a great kickoff for the new year. The YDesign spaces are open and energetic, filled with color and creative gathering spaces.

Open workspaces at YDesign, created by Kriste Michelini
Open workstations include Herman Miller Sayl Task Chairs and Kartell’s Mr. Impossible Chairs.

When I work on an office – or even a home project – collaboration is really key to ensuring that the space functions perfectly for how people will use it. The YDesign team knew they wanted open spaces and combinations of bright colors with gray and black.

A bold and colorful kitchen at YDesign, created by Kriste Michelini
One of two kitchens in the space includes the Bontempi Casa Lez Barstool.

The 20,000-square-foot headquarters operate as a showcase for YDesign’s brand, as well as a creative incubator. One key to that was the inclusion of writable surfaces, from tables to walls. Now staff can design anywhere and anytime.

A table with a writable surface at YDesign
Turnstone’s Campfire Table has a rotating top loaded with a giant pad of paper.

I love modern interior design – form follows function and there is structure to the design. And that style was a perfect fit for YDesign, too. We made sure to include a playfulness to keep things from being too stuffy and formal. Pieces like a ping-pong table that also operates as a conference table help spark creativity within the team.

Modern interior design for YDesign offices, created by Kriste Michelini
Kartell’s Eros Swivel Chairs offer great pops of color.

What do you think of these colorful spaces? Let me know in the comments section below. Thanks again to Dwell for featuring this fun collaborative project.