What We’re Up to Wednesday!

Wow!!!  August flew by and I can’t believe we are already half way through September.  We took a little break on social media to focus on several projects we’ve been working on, so thought we would share some behind the scenes of what we’ve been up to!  From construction projects starting from the ground up to putting on the finishing touches at our accessory installations, we have been busy little bees and are thrilled with the end results.   Check out this week’s worth…


Project we’re working on in Los Altos Hills.


Adding more light by installing some awesome skylights!


Front door finally installed in another project we’re working on.


How cool is this shower in another client’s home?!


We loved this cool light fixture in the same bathroom as the shower above.


And had so much fun accessorizing their bar area!


Just a few days later, here we are prepping for a full day installation of our clients’ great room/dining room.


Here’s a little snippet of the finished product!


So in love with the orchids in the bread bowl!


Gorgeous coffee table books.


We have so many exciting things happening these days, so will continue to share as we go.  Hope you enjoyed a little slice of our week!  More to come soon…


I’m feeling as pooped as these guys today!