Outdoor Fabric Fun!

You would be so surprised at the selection of outdoor fabrics that one can find now.  It’s no longer just the standard solid canvas or stripe pattern that you have to choose from.  Outdoor fabrics now have almost as many options as you would find in fabrics that are only for indoors.  As a matter-of-fact, we often source outdoor fabrics to be used inside.  They are great for families with children, grandchildren and even pets.  These are a few samples of some that we will be using in our client’s family room.  You’d never know they are actually made to withstand the elements outside!


Such great textures!


I love the stripes in the back.



Outdoor fabrics on barstools make for easy clean up!  Look at these from Sunbrella


Ottomans are another great place to use outdoor fabrics.  This one below is also covered in Sunbrella fabric…