Friday Fave!

Since we are in the midst of wedding season, thought you like an idea for a great shower or wedding gift.  The Staub Perfect Pan is one of the BEST all around kitchen tools.  You can braise in it, you can use it as a wok, and it’s even great for deep frying!  I love it because the curved sides keep things from spilling out when you are stir frying.  And guess what?  It’s on sale right now at Food52!  I don’t think the sale lasts much longer than the weekend, so you should definitely grab one while you can!


It comes in 4 colors, but I really like the graphite or matte black the best.  Photography by Rocky Luten, James Ransom, & Bobbi Lin.



And I forgot to mention that it comes with a glass lid which is also great to have.  Don’t miss out!