Thursday Thoughts!

We recently had a presentation for our clients in which we designed a bonus room, a kitchen/great room, a master bedroom and 3 kids’ rooms.  Our clients are from the East coast originally and have a rather traditional home, but are looking to update it with a more modern aesthetic.  This week we’re narrowing down textiles for all of the rooms, so thought we’d share some of the choices with you!


These are some of the chosen options for the bonus room. The geometric carpet will go wall to wall, the Perennials chambray fabric will be for the sectional, and the neutral woven will be for window treatments.


These textiles are for the master bedroom. It’s a very serene palette with grasscloth wallpaper on the ceiling and a very modern fireplace. Love the soft blues.


These choices are for the kitchen/great room. There will be chairs and a bench that we are using these for.


We have used our magnet board in our studio on a daily basis to collaborate on projects and display different options that we switch around and play with throughout the workday!